My name is André.
I have a passion for media,  and I think out loud with an outside voice.


I began working with media in 2005 with an apple mac book that had iMovie installed. The iMovie software was revolutionary then, It allowed me to edit videos, and all I wanted to do was make media and direct movies every day. 


I attended the Woonsocket Area Career And Technical Center’s Digital Media School to learn photography, videography, equipment, lighting, and video/photo editing in 2007. 


Later, I joined Riverz Edge Arts Project as a studio photographer from 2009 until 2011, where I studied for an associate’s in Criminal Law and Computer Science at CCRI (Community College of Rhode Island).

In 2011 I began building websites using HTML, WordPress, WIX, and PhpBB forums for small local businesses and gaming communities. I also worked various photography jobs and traveled full-time across the US, Haiti, South Korea, & Japan. At this time, I combined my skills to build business brands from the ground up with logo design, pictures, videos, and websites together.


In 2019, I settled in Litchfield, Connecticut, and I continue to produce creative media and web design for local businesses.

Thanks for reading! 🙂